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Does Windows 7 64 bits work ok?

Does Windows 7 64 bits work ok?

With vista and xp I always had problems installing their respective 64 bits versions, and always had to format and install them in 32 bits.

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Guest [Entry]

"64 bit works fine.

If you have poor quality drivers, you'll have poor performance and stability. This has been true in Windows since the dawn of time.

Applications also work just fine - including plenty of games, too. We have about 6 computers here running 64 bit Windows 7, for work and play - all fine."
Guest [Entry]

"The only issue I've run into so far on Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit is the bloody Cisco VPN client software which is available as as 32-bit version only, and a few system-related ""browser helper objects"" that IE wants to install for remote server administration, which again, only work in 32-bit (Juniper Network helper and others - just launch IE 32-bit for these cases).

Other than that, 64-bit Vista and Win7 just hum along very nicely. I have installed all sorts of Office products and add-ons, Visual Studio, lots of other programming tools (XML stuff, database stuff, lots of stuff), a ton of utilities and tools of all kinds (printer add-on like FinePrint, graphics stuff, pdfFactory Pro, text and hex editors and a lot more) - all works just fine.