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Does Windows 7 provide Browser Isolation

Does Windows 7 provide Browser Isolation

Now that Windows 7 has RTM'd, I would like to know if I can run IE 8 isolated to protect the machine from getting a virus from the internet.

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Guest [Entry]

"I think this is case since Windows Vista & IE7

According to Wikipedia

On Windows Vista, Internet Explorer operates in a special ""Protected Mode"", that runs the browser in a security sandbox that has no access to the rest of the operating system or file system, except the Temporary Internet Files folder. When running in Protected Mode, IE7 is a low integrity process; it cannot gain write access to files and registry keys outside of a user profile's folder. This feature aims to mitigate problems whereby newly-discovered flaws in the browser (or in Add-Ons hosted inside it) allowed hackers to subversively install software on the user's computer (typically spyware)."