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Does Windows 7 Support Hyper-V?

Does Windows 7 Support Hyper-V?

Now that Windows 7 Enterprise is available for VLK Users to download, I would like to check it out. The only thing holding me back is that I am an application developer (currently developing on a Windows Server 2008 installation) and the most useful thing I use is Hyper-V to create VMs of the systems I would like to test on.

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"Unfortunately that seems to be the case:

System requirements / Specifications

An x64-based processor running an x64 version of Windows Server 2008
Standard, Windows Server 2008
Enterprise or Windows Server 2008

Hyper-V System Requirements and Specifications

Credits to Diago:

The alternative to Hyper-V for Windows 7 is Virtual PC for Windows 7 available here. It is currently in RC but will be available soon. It also requires hardware assisted virtualization to work.

If you want 64-Bit VM's however you will have to load Windows Server 2008 and load Hyper-V since Virtual PC does not support this.

For 64-Bit VirtualBox or VMware are good options."
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You are stuck with Windows Server 2008 if you have to use Hyper-V. You can always switch to another virtualization software like VMware or VirtualPC or you can wait until Server 2008 R2 is released, which is the server version of Windows 7.