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Does Windows 7 upgrade key work on normal version?

Does Windows 7 upgrade key work on normal version?

So I'm thinking about purchasing the Windows 7 Upgrade through the student 741 deal they have for $29.99. Will the key I get also work with a regular, full install of Windows 7? I'm asking because I want to dual boot both XP and Windows 7, so I don't want to wipe out my version of XP.

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"Yes it will work, the upgrade disc will allow you to do a clean install. That is the only option to upgrade from xp to seven. If you buy the 29.99 student upgrade, you can do either an upgrade installation if your machine was running vista, or you can do a clean install if your machine is running xp. When you go to load the os, you will notice that the ""upgrade"" option will be grayed out and the only option you can select is ""custom"". Once you have selected custom you will have the option to blow out (format) the xp install or partition the drive for a dual boot. Either way, the ""upgrade"" disc and product key will let you do a clean install to a machine with xp, or a machine with no OS for that matter.

Here's a link with info.
XP to 7 upgrade."