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Download from SourceForge without using the browser [closed]

Download from SourceForge without using the browser [closed]

I need to download Firefox as a portable app from SourceForge., but I am using IE6 and the browser crashes before the download can finish.

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Guest [Entry]

"I clicked the link and clicked on Firefox, I followed the link and downloaded from SourceForge.
I have uploaded it here so you have an alternate location.
If you are still having problems, please write in comments and I will put it on a ftp server for you and give you the commands you need to download without involving Internet Explorer at all.
Ivo said about wanting a guide, For Windows, the easiest thing to use is the FTP command, but it looks like SourceForge do not offer FTP access. If you are interested, if you ever want to get a file by command line FTP do the following:
(In all steps, I am using an example of : ftp:google.com/test/bla.exe)

Go to command prompt and navigate to the folder you want files to go in.
Type FTP Servername.com for example, FTP google.com
Authenticate, either type username/password, or anonymous twice.
Find the file you want, generally you can type LS or DIR, type CD directory to change directories. For example, CD test
Type GET filename so get bla.exe
Type QUIT when done.

Now, when you look, you should have the files you downloaded in the current folder.
There are other techniques involving programs such as Fetch or Curl, where you would just type the full path of the file and it will get it, however, I do not really want to recommend you download any extra programs."