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Drive activity indicator [closed]

Drive activity indicator [closed]

There used to be a cool utility called OOLED which used to display the activity occurring on different drives/drive partitions. Anyone know where I can find it or any other software which does the same thing?

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I just found O&O DriveLED, which is simple and available for free:
Guest [Entry]

"DiskMon, which is part of the Sysinternals suite (semi-official Microsoft software), is quite a nice tool.

DiskMon is an application that logs
and displays all hard disk activity on
a Windows system. You can also
minimize DiskMon to your system tray
where it acts as a disk light,
presenting a green icon when there is
disk-read activity and a red icon when
there is disk-write activity."
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You could try gkrellm, which supports this feature and many more.
Guest [Entry]

Process Monitor from Sysinternals.