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Dropbox alternative with local sync support? [closed]

Dropbox alternative with local sync support? [closed]

I am currently using Dropbox. Just decided to sync my huge (about 5 GB) iTunes Library (music collection) in Dropbox. For that I must subscribe to their paid account. But before I do so, I'd like evaluate the alternatives.

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Doh! Dropbox recently (6 days ago) added support for LAN sync. I'm sold!
Guest [Entry]

"I'm a bit late to the party, but you might want to look at Unison.

It will synchronise files between two arbitrary folders/drives (which can be on the same computer, or accessed via shared drives or SSH). As a bonus, it will safely (!) synchronise in both directions (i.e. you can work on both copies, then sync, and Unison will figure out the correct version of each file).

It can be a bit slow due to the complex work it does, but after the initial synch it will only copy changed files, so should be OK.

Unison runs on Windows, MacOS X and just about any Unix/Linux system. Dunno about Android, but seems to work as well.

Setup is a bit clumsy (text config), but once it's setup you usually don't touch it. Ah, it also allows customizable inclusion/exclusion of files."
Guest [Entry]

"Here is the best alternative I found after a LOT of searching. It's called broolz and it works perfectly syncing my files/folders over 2 PCs that are connected via LAN. It pretty much works almost exactly like dropbox, with exception of not having online storage and using LAN instead. Same as dropbox, it synchronizes files in real time whenever it detects they are changed/added/removed. Enjoy!

EDIT: scrach that, seems that the program is java based and is a huge memory hog, it started using half a gig of ram just like that, while dropbox usually sits at around 50 MB ram. I'll try to check out GoodSync next and see if that's a viable sollution."