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Dual-boot with pre-boot authentication

Dual-boot with pre-boot authentication

I'm unsure if this is possible in terms of a software solution, but what I would like to be able to do is require pre-boot authentication with full-disk encryption on a dual-boot system (Linux + Windows).

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"HOWTO: Set up Full Disk Encryption in a Dual Boot System.
(Using Truecrypt, Ubuntu+Windows)

TrueCrypt leaves behind a string in its boot loader that identifies it as a TrueCrypt boot loader. You can change this with some fiddling:
Modify Truecrypt encryption boot loader strings.

Note that even with full disk encryption someone can still access the data if they have physical access to the PC within a few minutes of it being powered off:
Cold boot attacks on encrypted partitions.
(Freeze ram, remove from pc, read key!)"
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I've heard many good things about TrueCrypt, especially in the context of what you are looking for. I know that it offers options for full-disk encryption and password authentication and am almost positive that such features will work on a dual-booting system as well.
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"Whilst Windows and Linux both have their own encryption technologies, I do not think there are any pre boot solutions that work on both.

Your best bet would be to use either a software based solution such as Truecrypt* or look at your usage habits and virtualise one in another... For example, if you do not do anything intensive in Linux, I would virtualise it so that you can use Windows as your primary OS and then use Bitlocker.

(*) I realise that this is not what you want, but there isn't really many encryption solutions that are cross platform, let alone pre boot.


Just read the documentation, and it looks like Truecrypt does/can do pre boot authentication... but I have never used this feature and cannot really give any advise other than to say Truecrypt is a good product!"
Guest [Entry]

"Regarding the boot password, you may use a boot manager to handle the dual booting, one that supports passwords. The encryption can be done per operating system using available tools.

Some such programs are:

BootIt NG ($34.95)
This is the only one of the list with which I have personal experience and can testify that it's indeed maybe the best of its kind.

enter a password/keyword that will be
required to boot this item (operating system)

GAG (freeware)

Allows a password to be put on each
operating system, denying access to
non-authorized people.

PLoP Boot Manager (freeware)

Password protection for the computer
and the boot manager setup"