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DVI vs HDMI graphics card output

DVI vs HDMI graphics card output

Asking on behalf of someone: I want to buy a new graphics card but do not know which would be best in terms of output, DVI or HDMI, the sound part of the HDMI is not really required, I just need something to go to my new 32 inch hd tv. It accepts both DVI and HDMI. I only need it for basic gaming but mostly as a media center to watch movies and tv shows on. Also for windows media center's TV application, I need a tv card, should I get a graphics card with bult in tv card, or a usb dongle??

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"The video signal is identical in DVI and HDMI. In fact, you can buy cheap (under $5) to convert one to the other. So from a quality perspective, there is no difference.

HDMI cables seem slightly more convenient, with smaller connectors. Also, if you plan on hooking it up to other TVs, they are more likely to have HDMI than DVI. On the other hand, if you ever think you would use a computer monitor, it is more likely to have DVI than HDMI."