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Easiest way to send 20GB folder

Easiest way to send 20GB folder

What's the easiest way to give someone a 20GB folder? I've thought about starting a bittorrent, but it seems like there must be a simpler way. It's too big to email or upload to any free filesharing servers. I could start my own server but it seems like there must be an easier way to do it than that as well. Any ideas?

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Guest [Entry]

"The others are correct about snail mail.

But if you want to use the internet this is how you can do it.

Pack and split into 700Mb files (tar, zip or rar will do)
md5sum all the files (so you know that they are the same on the other end)
scp or rsync with ssh (rsync will help you if you need to resend)

But beware, it is going to take some time.
Let's say your uplink is 20kB/s.

The data is 20GB => 20 000 000kB.

Then it would take approximately 20 000 000kB / 20 kB/s = 1 000 000 s = 277h = 11 days...

And if we say that snail mail usually takes 3 days.

That means that you need to have a connection with a uplink speed of about 70-80kB/s if you are going to be faster..."
Guest [Entry]

Bittorent won't help unless there's multiple receiving party. If not, use ftp or DC+ server. Depending on the distance to the recipient, snail mail might be actually faster, that's just 5 DVDs after all.
Guest [Entry]

if you can't split the 20GB's into smaller parts, then get a USB flash drive big enough to hold the data and send that by mail. Heck if it's important that speed play a role, then by overnight courier. That will be fast as well.
Guest [Entry]

"Toss it all on a USB thumbdrive and send it FedEx. (or UPS. Or USPS. Or Pony Express. Or, you know, drive it over there yourself.)

Shipping 20GB over the net is going to be painful any way you slice it. Honestly, this is a perfect use for the sneakernet."