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Editing Grub - "no such file or directory found"

Editing Grub - "no such file or directory found"

I had installed reinstalled windows and ubuntu various times.

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Guest [Entry]

"sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

then edit the line -
GRUB_DEFAULT=4 (assuming you have only 2 os 1 ubuntu another xp / vista / 7)

save the file, then run

sudo update-grub"
Guest [Entry]

"I believe the file containing the menu is now grub.cfg

When I changed it, I just edited it (and ignored the message NOT to do so).

I can see it in the listing you provided. I think you want to put the entry for Windows 7 first in the menu.

I hesitate to say more, because I don't have a Windows entry in my grub.cfg, and it would be dangerous for me to speculate on what to do next."