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Eight monitors to view video files

Eight monitors to view video files

I am looking for a solution, either Windows or Linux, that lets me hook up eight or nine monitors to a single PC and view (ideally hardware-accelerated) video spanning all eight monitors. The monitors would likely be fairly low-resolution; think 640 x 480. Still, 5120 x 480 is still a lot of pixels, hence the need for hardware acceleration.

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"Recent AMD video cards support Eyefinity which maps multiple monitors to a single, logical monitor of aggregate resolution, which I believe is similar to the Matrox solution. nVidia's upcoming GF100 series also supports Surround which does the same thing.

However, Eyefinity only supports a maximum of six monitors (with two cards in CrossFire), and Surround is expected to initially support four monitors (with two cards in SLI)."