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Enable system beep in Ubuntu

Enable system beep in Ubuntu

I have tried to get the system beep working, but with no success. I used echo -e '\a' and the beep application.

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I had the same problem. For me, it was solved by opening "alsamixer" on the console and unmuting the "Beep" slider.
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"First, you need to be sure the right module is loaded. If not, the sound control center won't do nothing AFAIK (and even if the module is loaded, I don't know if the bugs mentioned in this thread are solved in Jaunty).

What version of Ubuntu are you using? Prior to Jaunty, the module was name snd_pcspkr.

Can you give us the output of:

lsmod | grep pcspkr

Can you give us the output of:

grep pcspkr /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist*

BTW, pcspkr is blacklisted by default again in Karmic."
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"Try this:

sudo modprobe pcspkr"
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Post number 6 solved it for me.
In short do the following in a terminal:

run 'alsamixer'
move to PC Beep
press m to unmute
set volume
press escape"