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Eratic network speed

Eratic network speed

Having erratic network speeds and have come to the end of ideas for troubleshooting. Basically I have a wired connection that when downloading files starts off slow and slowly builds speed then will suddenly die at that point it will start to speed up again and then die. This just keeps happening until the connection gives up (goes to zero and stays) or the file is downloaded. Watching the network graph looks almost like a heart monitor with its rises and drops.

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"Since everything works fine with XP and you've tried multiple routers we can probably rule out problems on the network.

Again, since it works fine with XP and you've tried two different network cards it's not going to be hardware problem.

Assuming you're installing the same firewall on XP, Vista and Windows 7 it has to be something about the OS itself.

Vista and Windows 7 do have a new IP stack. The only thing I can't think of to try to make them more like XP is to disable IPv6.

You can disable IPv6 either on each adapter or do it system-wide. The latter is probably the choice here. Here's a Microsoft Knowledge Base entry telling you how to do it."
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"If the advice given by Dave Webb doesn't work, the problem is probably on the side of your ISP.

I would suggest in that case to call your ISP's support. They have the tools to test your line from the other side."