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Exercise bikes and the computer [closed]

Exercise bikes and the computer [closed]

Are there any kits or products available for an exercise bike to connect to a PC so that you can get speed, calories, etc. tracked on a small application running in a PC (or Mac)?

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Guest [Entry]

"Nearly all of the much more expensive exercise bikes have the ability to do this, or something similar.

I have seen everything from stores a file on a USB stick so that you can connect it to a pc and load in a special application, down to ones that save to a web based portal

For example - Life Fitness - 95R (£6495)

Workout Tracking - Utilize the USB connectivity to create, plan and track workouts for free at the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer web site.

However, there are many many different manufacturers and I have no idea what is even available to you where you are... For something like this, you should really go to a specialist store (negotiate with prices you find online) and get help from someone experienced."