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Experience of buying a refurbished MacBook [closed]

Experience of buying a refurbished MacBook [closed]

I am planning to buy a MacBook because I want to learn OSX and iPhone programming. I checked the stores and to be frank, I cant afford them.

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"I've purchased a MacBook Black refurb about 3 years back from Apple online store itself - and it arrived as though it was spanking new. However, a couple of nitpicks to relate to that experience.

The refurbed MacBook Black came not in the original box, but a box with the word ""Refurbished"" labeled prominently.
The resale value of a refurbed Mac drops when you eBay it or put it on the second-hand site for sale, especially if the buyer knows its a refurbished. It's more about perceptions than anything else.
There was a small, teeny, eeny, weenie hairline scratch on the top of that MacBook Black.

All-in-all, YMMV. However, I'd say for the savings you enjoy, it is definitely worth it getting a refurb unit. Just make sure you get it from Apple Store, and not some other 3rd party reseller or channels."
Guest [Entry]

I haven't bought a MacBook from the Apple Refurbished hardware store, but I did buy a Mac Mini from them. It was immaculate and just like new. If you're buying from the Apple Refurbished Mac store I doubt you'll encounter any issues, if you're buying from a third party then your mileage may vary and I'd read the warranty conditions very carefully.