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Explorer.exe doesn't start automatically on Boot

Explorer.exe doesn't start automatically on Boot

For some reason when I boot my laptop now (winxp), it doesn't start explorer.exe automatically; I'm left with a desktop background and a mouse pointer. I have to run taskman and start explorer.exe manually.

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Guest [Entry]

"Click start
Click Run
Type ""cmd"" then hit enter
Type ""sfc /scannow""

Note: U will need ur XP installation CD"
Guest [Entry]

"That is a strong indication of malware on your system!
While that may not necessarily be the problem, its something to think about first.

Here is one discussion thread and another older one.


Can your start it manually or is the executable itself missing

What is registered at the Winlogin Shell key (referred in another answer here)"
Guest [Entry]

"Can you create an entry in the startup list? In start, all programs, startup. Just create a new shortcut to explorer.exe (good luck tracking down the path). Works on Vista, maybe xp.

Not a solution I know, but a fairly easy workaround."
Guest [Entry]

"I have seen this a few times now, the majority caused by pesky malware.

Try performing a system restore back to when your computer was working okay.

It will simply roll back the registry and system files to a particular date.

Log on as Administrator (or a user with local administrator rights)
Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore
Select Restore my computer to an earlier time and click Next
Select the most recent system restore point from the list and click Next
Click OK
Click Next

Give that a go."