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Extending Launchy

Extending Launchy

I am a recent switcher from Mac to Windows (long story, but suffice it to say those Laptop Hunter commercials are not entirely bogus). Anyway, I love Quicksilver on MacOS, and was stoked to find out about Launchy, but can anyone tell me the best way to make Launchy index more than just my Start menu? Quicksilver indexes basically your whole system, giving you access to just about any file, but out of the box, Launchy doesn't seem to do this. Can I just add C:\ to the directories in the Catalog dialog, or will this be overload, with all the drivers and .dll's and miscellaneous cruft in Windows? If so, what paths should I add to give me access to most, if not all, of my documents and programs through Launchy? Thanks.

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Guest [Entry]

"I would add:

C:\Documents and Settings

C:\Program Files

That should get most of what you want I would think."