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Extract Hyperlink in Excel 2007

Extract Hyperlink in Excel 2007

I have the following question:

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"Here's what Excel help says about hyperlinks:

Use another cell on the worksheet for
the link target To quickly update all
formulas in a worksheet that use a
HYPERLINK function with the same
arguments, you can place the link
target in another cell on the same or
another worksheet, and then use an
absolute reference to that cell as the
link_location in the HYPERLINK
formulas. Changes that you make to the
link target are immediately reflected
in the HYPERLINK formulas.

=HYPERLINK($Z$1) In cell Z1, you then enter the path to the link target.

So you could make a link on Cell 1 on Sheet 1 referring to the link that's on Cell 1 Sheet 2

Or try this solution they mentioned on EE:

Paste the code below into a module (ALT + F11)

Function GetAddress(HyperlinkCell As Range)
GetAddress = Replace _
(HyperlinkCell.Hyperlinks(1).Address,""mailto:"", """")
End Function

from your worksheet to extract the
hyperlink address