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Fastest reliable way to open the terminal?

Fastest reliable way to open the terminal?

I actually had my SUPER_L ( left windows key ) binded to gnome-terminal, but for whatever reason ever since upgrading to 9.04 Ubuntu from 8.10 Intrepid it seemed to break the key binding. It was very handy because I could throw open the terminal with one key ( sorry but alt-f2 and typing gnome-terminal isn't practical for me ). Or perhaps it reset all the keybindings? I remember using xev and some gui type interface that was akin to Win32 registry editor.

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"I let Gnome-Do do the work for me.

Gnome-Do adapts to prefer your frequently used apps and, so I use Super+Space to launch Gnome-Do, and then r to launch Terminal.

The benefit I get is that any letter in the command will match, as long as I enter it in sequence. i.e. I have both Google Chrome and Chromium Web Browser, typing Ch selects the former, and Chu selects the latter.

The second benefit is that it leaves a lot of nice key-bindings to use in controlling the windows and workspaces.

The real benefit of Gnome-Do is this solution scales well: I open nearly all my frequently used apps (I'd estimate around 20 to 25 of them), using 2 keystrokes on average, in addition to Super+Space.

In case you're wondering about using r for Terminal, it's because t matches Thunderbird which I use as often."
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"If you want your original key binding back, you can set it up in Compiz, if that's what you use, with the Commands plugin.

If you don't use Compiz, then you can do what I do and use xbindkeys. Make sure you install xbindkeys-config rather than try to edit the config file by hand."
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I borrowed the ""open a new explorer"" from windows and mapped that to open a gnome-term."
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"Go in Preferences, You can define Shortcuts For many things, it even includes terminal,
I use the Super key or the Windows Key to open a terminal,
its really fast
Try it"
Guest [Entry]

"I use Caps+enter (with Caps Lock remapped to Mod4 (Windows key)).

Secondarily is dmenu, which is like a much simpler version of Gnome-Do.

Although I quit using it a while ago, I have previously used stjerm, which belongs in the list of pull-down terminals in Pawka's answer, but the damn reputation system won't let me comment yet."