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Favourite Virtual Desktops Program for Windows 7? [duplicate]

Favourite Virtual Desktops Program for Windows 7? [duplicate]

Since I recently upgraded to Windows 7, and being slightly irritated with the Vista & XP Virtual Desktop Manager (which works even less well on Windows 7), I decided try to try out a new app. I ended up going with Windows Pager, which seems to work quite well on Windows 7, though is slightly lacking in features.

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"As posted here

Have a look at this thread in Seven Forums which mentions utlities like

Deskspace 3D Virtual Desktop -
Discussion link / download
Virtual Dimensions has support for
unlimited number of virtual desktops Download link
Crystal Desktop - Allows for grouping
of windows - Download link
VirtuaWin - Download link

Deskspace's solution is not free, comes with a 14 day trial."