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Filename filter for windows explorer [closed]

Filename filter for windows explorer [closed]

I'm not looking for a windows explorer alternative. I like it, and it does its job well.

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Guest [Entry]

"StExtBar adds a toolbar to Windows Explorer. The right-hand field is used to filter the files. Type a string (part of the filename, or the extension) and you'll see only files matching this string. No support for ""*"" though.

It's a free addon."
Guest [Entry]

"I think he was looking for something like this little shell extension:


The pity is it is NOT working on Windows 7 (I've been using that ""proof of concept"" for years). Very useful, for example, a common downloads directory which eventually you want to clean... lets select visual.pdf to a one folder, .Zip to a different one, and University. to another one. This extension allowed to, having only one explorer pane open, select the desired files, and drag them to the desired tree folder. Easy, comfortable, fast, lightweight, no extra apps, no extra bars...

Now i've installed 7 i'm looking for such a great utility (designed 9 years ago!)
That's why Im writing, just to help people still uses XP."