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Find out which are the bigger files / dir

Find out which are the bigger files / dir

I have a directory from which i want to delete some stuff.

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"du -k | sort -n | tail

But this belongs on SU, not StackOverflow"
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"if you want to see ""heavier"" files, for which i assume they are bigger size files..

du -ch /home |sort -nr|head"
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"This rather lengthy function will display a sorted list with human-readable sizes:

dus () { du -bh ${1:+$1/}* |
awk 'BEGIN {KMG=""KMG""}
{printf ""%s %08.2f %s\t%s\n"",
substr($1,length($1)),$0}' |
sort -r |
cut -f 2-

which you can then pipe through head:

dus | head

It accepts a directory as an argument:

dus /usr/local"
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"Typically I will use du -s * | sort -nr for this, and work my way down into the directories with larger sizes. The -s option makes it display the total for each item instead of recursing.


bcl@fozzy:~$ du -s * | sort -nr
171900 wiki
169932 bb.mail.tar.bz2
112772 tmp
44416 d.mail.tar.bz2
4148 src
2012 public_html
880 Mail
144 sha-search
72 logs
20 tt.txt
16 Maildir
16 brianlane_html
12 Temporary Items
12 Network Trash Folder
8 calendar_html
4 wiki_html
4 procmail.bcl
4 id_rsa.pub
4 foo.sh
4 fetchmail.bcl
4 bb.procmailrc
0 time.out"
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Personally I find kdirstat to be very useful to figure out where my disk space has gone. It sorts everything by size, and shows a somewhat useful visual 'treemap' that lets you roughly gauge by sight where space is being used.