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Finding the right size video card for a mini-tower

Finding the right size video card for a mini-tower

I have a Dell Optiplex 755 Mini-Tower at work, which means the case is about 4 inches wide. I had a look inside, and the video card it's got is pretty small and compact.

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"According to Optiplex 755 TechSpecs, your Optiplex 755 system can handle a card which fits inside the following dimensions:

Height 4.376""
Length 6.6""

This is a ""Standard Height, Half Length"" card according to the PCI Express Electromechanical Specification.

The silver box power supply is 305W, but the max 12V power is 264W and the max 3.3V+5V power is 150W. So, if you get a card greater than what the system is designed to handle (all three standard video card configuration options are 25W or less), then you may have to also upgrade the power supply. So, when you buy a video card, test it out and make sure you can return it for a refund if it doesn't work."
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"If the Dell has normal-profile slot covers (around 12cm in length), any standard card should fit.

Otherwise, you will need to find a manufacturer that offers low profile cards with either a replacable slot cover or one where it is possible to shorten it like this one:

However the only cards I ever saw that allow this are all server grade controllers and stuff like that, and Matrox graphic cards, which are excellent but have poor 3D performance and a high price."