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Firefox add-ons with a rich look and feel [closed]

Firefox add-ons with a rich look and feel [closed]

I am looking for examples of the "best looking" Firefox add-ons. By "best looking" I mean usable and stylish look and feel. I am not necessarily looking for "must have" add-ons but for examples of how rich an add-on can be.

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Guest [Entry]

"Firefox 3.7 Theme

This is based on Mozilla's design mockups for Firefox 3.7.

Installing this theme isn't very simple. You'll need to first install the All-Glass Firefox extension for the Aero effects, the Personal Menu extension to hide the menubar and add the Tools button, the Stylish extension for a tweak that fixes the text, and then drag the mockup theme's *.jar file into the add-ons window to install it.

For detailed instructions: http://lifehacker.com/5322073/firefox-37-theme-makes-your-browser-look-awesome

For the Firefox 3.7 theme: http://boneyardbrew.deviantart.com/art/Firefox-3-7-Mockup-Redux-2-0-130502568"
Guest [Entry]


FoxTab lets you cycle through your tabs in interesting ways."