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Firefox randomly begins to open tabs like crazy

Firefox randomly begins to open tabs like crazy

Sometimes, when I'm browsing a random site, suddenly a 0 byte PHP file will be downloaded out of nowhere and Firefox (3.5.2) will start opening it in multiple tabs really quickly, so that I have to press Ctrl + W (close tab) as fast as I can until all the rogue tabs are closed. This file is frequently named diggthis.php, and some time ago it was a name I can't remember but it was the name of a search engine.

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Guest [Entry]

"This is very much likely malware on your computer. Use nice little proggie malwarebytes antimalware. Then install NoScript plugin to Firefox and you'll be a happier person.

Really - NoScript helps prevent 90+% of malware by effectively disabling entry points. You will need to manually allow scripts on trusted sites, but this thing is worth a few clicks now and then. I mean, it is so effective against malware that I can't find a sane reason why not have it."