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Firefox requests the master password twice

Firefox requests the master password twice

I've set a master password for Firefox. When Firefox starts, it strangely opens two separate password request windows. When I type in the master password and hit enter, Firefox opens without problems, but the other password request window stays there. I simply close it but it's annoying. Why are there 2 windows as it's enough to type the password once? I've upgraded Firefox from 3.5.5 to 3.5.6 but the problem remains. Any comments?

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Guest [Entry]

"A possible workaround is to use: Startup Master - A Firefox Addon.

The issue may be that some addon is trying to access a site for which you have saved your login credentials in the password manager. Hence when it tries to access the site, it prompts for a password. (may be 2 addons doing that the same time)"