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FontExplorer like application for Windows [closed]

FontExplorer like application for Windows [closed]

Has anybody found a font browser solution as great as FontExplorer on Mac, for Windows?

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Guest [Entry]

"Doubtful, there's always Opicon, which is open source and written in Java if you're looking for something free.

However, I recommend you look at the answers provided at ""What is the best (free) Font Explorer ..."" question @ SO."
Guest [Entry]

"AMP Font Viewer is a free program that features stuff like:

Being able to type up a test sample to see how it will render in the font
Install/uninstall of fonts from your computer
Allows you to group fonts for easy reference. E.g. You have a go to set for particular jobs, you can group them all and quick pull them up to flick through
Screen list of the fonts you have installed with the names in their respective typefaces"