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Free auto shutdown for Windows Vista?

Free auto shutdown for Windows Vista?

Is there any tool (free and virus free) that does an auto shutdown (force) for Windows Vista?

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Guest [Entry]

"Sweet Dreams is a tiny shut down timer for your computer. All you
need to do is select the duration
between 5 and 120 minutes, and the
action to be performed: shut down,
switch off monitor, standby mode when
the time is up. During this time the
volume level is being reduced down to
a selected level... ""Sweet dreams!""

Sweet Dreams is freeware and portable. (using the actual version 1.21 in Windows Vista/7 requires ""compatibility mode for XP"")

Strange, version 1.1 works fine without compatibility mode in Windows 7, probably because it doesn't feature hibernate/standby, just shut down (which suits me fine).

Here's a direct download link for Sweet Dreams v 1.1."
Guest [Entry]

"Sweet Dreams definitely seems like a useful program. However, I don't see how the ""Power Options"" in the control panel would accomplish this simple task?

You can tell Windows to go to ""sleep"" after a period of time, which draws a little more power than if it was off, but way less than if it is on. Or you can even set hibernation time."