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Free / Cheap Flash editor for Windows?

Free / Cheap Flash editor for Windows?

This has probably been asked before, but here we go. I'm after Flash editor for Windows to create some simple animations for my website. Ideally I'd like something free or if commercial, not Adobe level prices.

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What about SWiSH? It's been a while since I've used it, but it's a lot cheaper than Flash itself, and it does a fair few of the basic effects and things that people usually are looking for.
Guest [Entry]

"The honest answer is that there isn't much out there. It's pretty tied up by Adobe, however there are a few:

express animator - expressanimator.com
koolmoves - koolmoves.com/
Ajax animator - http://antimatter15.com/ajaxanimator/build/
open source flash alternatives - osflashdotorg/projects

There is a slight learning curve to flash; If you are not familiar with traditional animation techniques like tweening then you'll need to learn about them, but it's not too hard."