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Free graphic equalizer for Windows Media Player 12

Free graphic equalizer for Windows Media Player 12

We recently moved to 64 bit Windows-7 machines at work. The bundled version of Windows Media Player doesn't have a graphic equaliser.

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Guest [Entry]

"Start Windows Media Player 12 in Library View
Now press Alt to get the menu, and navigate to View> Skin Chooser.
Select ‘Revert’ skin from the skins list and press the “Apply Button” button.
You can now see the “Graphic Equalizer” button at the bottom right of the skinned WMP12.
Lastly, set the default equalizer options to whatever you like."
Guest [Entry]

Have you tried VLC? It supports an amazing number of formats, and has a built-in graphic equalizer, and is 100% free. I've got it working on Vista 64-bit, and I would imagine it works just as well on your Windows 7 64-bit.