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free mac appearance regarding utilities / softwares [closed]

free mac appearance regarding utilities / softwares [closed]

When I was working on windows. I was used to install CrystalXP, And many other softwares - themes for windows. The appearance of the terminal - if looks good, you feel better & like to work with nice one.

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"While there are some things out there to do this (sort of), part of the point of the way OS X is constructed is to maintain UI consistency. I recommend learning to enjoy the UI as is, simply because modifying it will be more trouble than it's worth. You can modify the colors and such, and there are LOTS of utilities to extend the UI, like QuickSilver, LaunchBar, CandyBar for icon themes and others. You'll find that overall they are more about functionality than about making it look like an LCARS interface or pay homage to the latest blockbuster.

You may want to look in to ShapeShifter, but I don't believe it works with OS versions newer than Tiger. InterfaceLIFT has a ShapeShifter themes section."