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Free Mac OS X application for downloading an entire website [closed]

Free Mac OS X application for downloading an entire website [closed]

Is there any free application for downloading an entire site installable on Mac OS X 10.6?

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"I've always loved the name of this one: SiteSucker.

UPDATE: Versions 2.5 and above are not free any more. You may still be able to download earlier versions from their website."
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Guest [Entry]

"pavuk is by far the best option ... It is command line but has an X-Windows GUI if you install this from the Installation Disk or download. Perhaps someone could write a Aqua shell for it.

pavuk will even find links in external javascript files that are referenced and point these to the local distribution if you use the -mode sync or -mode mirror options.

It is available through the os x ports project, install port and type

port install pavuk

Lots of options (a forest of options)."
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"A1 Website Download for Mac

It has presets for various common site download tasks and many options for those who wish to configure in detail. Includes UI + CLI support.

Starts as a 30 days trial after which is turns into ""free mode"" (still suitable for small websites under 500 pages)"
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"Use curl, it's installed by default in OS X. wget isn't, at least not on my machine, (Leopard).


curl http://www.thewebsite.com/ > dump.html

Will download to the file, dump.html in your current folder"