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Free MP3 merge for Mac OS X

Free MP3 merge for Mac OS X

I need to merge several MP3 tracks into one, I use Mac OS X 10.5. I want to convert all my Harry Potter CDs to my iPod, but not every minute a new track (as it is on the CDs) but chapterwise. Where can I get a free software? Help, please!

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"I know that you said free, but software that I have used to accomplish what you are trying to do, I have used

Audiobook Builder

It is rather inexpensive at $9.95 USD for a Single User Licence


I just found this software that is free (never used it):

Audiobook Maker"
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"I know your question is old now, but I thought I'd answer it anyway for future googlers! I use this brilliant (and free) piece of software.


The only rider I would add is that the chapeterise function does not work in newer Mac operating systems - but yours will be fine, I think."