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Free personal finance software [closed]

Free personal finance software [closed]

I'm looking for a Linux replacement for Quicken - but I really don't need all the bells and whistles. Effectively what I'm looking must be able to:

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"Have you tried any of the online money managers?

Quicken Online

It's free and slimmed down vs. the desktop client. It peers with most major banking insitutions and allows for automated updates. I think of it as an online aggregator for all the online banking websites.

Downside is that Intuit hosts your information online.


In a lot of ways Mint.com is the motivation for QuickenOnline. so much so that Intuit ended up buying them out recently.



These last 2 I'm not familiar with.

Blog Entry

Comparisons of the different products. The pro is that I can access these from any place I would usually use my online banking with a uniform interface regardless of which platform I'm doing my work on, as long as I have an internet connection or cell phone reception.

1 Wesabe discontinued their support for financial tools as of July 31, 2010"
Guest [Entry]

"There is also HomeBank, which includes the following features you need, amongst others:

QIF file format import and export
OFX file format import

It depends on GTK+, but not Gnome."