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Free video converter software for Mac? [closed]

Free video converter software for Mac? [closed]

I'm using Mac OS X 10.5 and am looking for a free video converter software which supports mp4, avi, and wmv files (and perhaps rmvb, too). I want to convert avi, wmv, and rmvb files to mp4 to be able to play them on my iPod. I've already searched but could only find quite expensive shareware. Do you know any software available for free, please?

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Guest [Entry]

"I still use Visual Hub:

Works a treat every time. Unfortunately it's not available for download from the creator
anymore, but it can still be had via alternate means.

Actually, the source files for Visual Hub (filmredux) are also available"
Guest [Entry]

"try ""PEnGUIn Encoder MP4"". It suits for your purpose perfectly.
first thing after installation do a ""update binaries"" in help menu, then you are good to go

it's 100% free."
Guest [Entry]

"Another free program (which I'm running now in the background) to edit videos is MPEG Streamclip, which reads mostly everything that can be read through Quicktime with Perian and can generate mp4 files that can be dragged into iTunes to be synced to your iPod/iPhone.

The only thing I'm not sure it reads is rmvb."
Guest [Entry]

Check out Video Monkey, it's VisualHub re-incarnated.