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Free Wi-Fi access is blocking SMTP outgoing emails - any way around this?

Free Wi-Fi access is blocking SMTP outgoing emails - any way around this?

My wife is at the hospital right now due to a family medical issue (long story but basically the family member in question is going to be fine).

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"If you have a ssh server at home she could use a ssh tunnel to her smtp server through your home connection using port 80 which probably isn't blocked.

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"If you are using GoDaddy SMTP server (smtpout.secureserver.net), the default port should be port 80. Check your Internet Mail Account settings in Outlook, and set the following:
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtpout.secureserver.net
User name:
Outgoing Server tab:
Check ""My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication""
Check ""Use same settings as my incoming mail server.""
Advanced Tab:
Set port to 80 (or 465 is using SSL)

Not that GoDaddy also allows the following ports for SMTP: 587, 25, or 3535

Good Luck"
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I use SMTP from www.travelsmtp.com, the $23 cost per year is nothing compared to all the trouble I constantly had and it's fast and always works. I never have these problems anymore, and I never have to change my settings anymore either no matter where I am logged in. I would definitely recommend this to everyone with a smartphone or mobile users.
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"I will list all of the options here....

1) Use Web Access for mail for her company. This is the quickest and easiest method if it is available to you.

2) You can VPN into above said network. This will allow you to hit the mail server and should bypass the hospital port filtering.

3) You could set up a bounce on your own windows or unix box with a port mapping program.

4) You can set up your own mail server on a segment you control outside of this network. I recommend setting the incoming SMTP port to something that is never blocked like 443. SImply configure your SMTP server to point to that outgoing server and your messages will cruise...

5) Use an internet proxy service that does this sort of thing."