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Front USB Port Grounding Issues

Front USB Port Grounding Issues

I think I have a static electricity problem.

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"The lockup is troubling. An answer to this related question indicated the poster fixed the issue by physically replacing the problematic front USB port. If the grounding is connected poorly on the USB port end, it won't matter how correct the motherboard header connection end is.

Another thing to do is make absolutely sure that she's not inadvertently touching the metal of the USB plug when connecting. If she's gripping the plug by the rear, plastic-covered portion, any static she's generated shouldn't be conducted into the system.

Finally, you could set up a grounding strip near your computer station, and both of you get into the habit of using it. This example shows the installation of a flooring strip, but the principle would be for just about any other solution. You could mount such a strip on the underside of the computer desk, on the desk leg, on a wall nearby, etc."