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FTP software that checks data diffs?

FTP software that checks data diffs?

I am looking for an FTP program (free if possible) that can find diffs between the client and server so it does not have to upload 50 gb every time I commit files.

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FileZilla will do the job
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"Synchronizing files over FTP" here at Super User mentions wput and ncftp/ncftpput.
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"I wrote a utility app that did this: compute SHA256 hash of each file to be uploaded. Produce a text file with those hashes and the filenames - an index file. Download the server-based index file. If it is not present, then assume all files need to be refreshed. If it is present, then, for each file to be uploaded:

check the hash in the downloaded text file
if the hash is not present then upload
if the hash is present and does not match the hash of the current (local) file, then upload
if the hash is present and matches, skip the file.

After all file uploads complete, upload the new index file.

Rather than uploading 500 files each time, it now uploads only the changed files, plus the index file."