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Full Screen Flash is choppy (nVidia GeForce 8200M)

Full Screen Flash is choppy (nVidia GeForce 8200M)

I have a new compaq presario laptop (I asked SU for advice before I bought it :-) ). It has a nVidia GeForce 8200M video card. When I try to play a flash video full screen, it plays really choppy. This is a brand new computer and is well more powerful than my previous computer so I know it's not a matter of the full screen being too processor intensive to play, or a bandwidth problem. Even playing HD hulu videos full screen was fine on my previous laptop.

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I had the same problem and video card. Then someone recommended to turn off ''enable hardware acceleration'' by right clicking the video and clicking settings. Now my flash videos play normally on full screen. Hope this helps.
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"It is usually a drivers problem.. Hope you have the latest drivers.
Here is a link for the Compaq Presario CQ60-418DX Notebook PC you refer in the other question.

With updated drivers, check your memory and processor utilization.

Is your system memory nearly used up?
Do you have the latest DirectX? ...

Here is a nVidia forum thread on the same topic!
Trying to play WoW with GeForce 8200M G"
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"Which resolution do you use ?

Because typically, I have a 7950 GTX on my laptop, it's not recent, but still a good graphical card. I'm in 1920x1200 on desktop, and I have slower flash in fullscreen (unpleasant to watch videos).

Keep in mind that fullscreen flash is hardly optimized, it's mostly a ""stretching"". So if you use a big resolution, the fullscreen has better chances to be slow."