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Full text Search of browser history, through the browser

Full text Search of browser history, through the browser

Is there a browser that supports searching through the full text of the history pages' content ? Chrome and Firefox supports only searching the titles and URLs (with their omnibars).

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Guest [Entry]

"Chrome does this if you go to the History view and enter a query in the search box there.

Open the History view with Ctrl+H
or by selecting it from the Spanner (Wrench) menu."
Guest [Entry]

"Try WorldBrain.io

You can try out the free WorldBrain chrome extension. It lets you full-text search all the pages & PDFs you visited and bookmarked.

Downloadable here: www.worldbrain.io

Note: I am the founder of this project."
Guest [Entry]

Since WorldBrain's Memex recently deprecated this feature, I went looking and discovered Falcon. Turns out, WorldBrain was a fork of Falcon anyway, according to the author.
To use, enter f + spacebar + your search terms in the browser address bar.

GitHub repo
Chrome Web Store page"
Guest [Entry]

"I'm assuming you're not on macOS, but just for reference for those that are on macOS and want to compare browsers:

Safari does this natively. Just enter a search term in the history text box:

... and it'll search the content of the document in addition to the title and url of the site."