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Generating usage logs that prove my Internet connection is flaky

Generating usage logs that prove my Internet connection is flaky

I need a way to generate reports or logs that prove that my Internet connection is flaky. My Comcast connection is very flaky but if I ask their support to send someone over it will probably work fine while the guy is here.

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Guest [Entry]

"Try running this web-app: http://isp-monitor.appspot.com/

It tests your internet connection every 10 seconds. If you login, it can aggregate results and you can generate a report with connectivity % for the last days or month.

No install. Free to use."
Guest [Entry]

SmokePing provides long-term storage and visualization for various tests including latency and packet loss. Perhaps it would be useful for UNIX/Linux users.
Guest [Entry]

"You might want to try DUMeter. There's a 30 day trial version available.
Or use Pingdom and let it monitor the availability of your IP address, given that you have a (sort of) fixed IP. Pingdom has a free plan. I'm using Pingdom myself for a number of websites and it proved to be very helpful."
Guest [Entry]

"Complain to a Consumer Protection authority.
Let them monitor it.

Complaining to an ISP and showing it a ping log file?
Come on, guys, you must be kidding.
How would you prove the authenticity of a simple text file? How would you prove you didn't write it up yourself?

If you want to monitor your connection, you can set up mrtg. You can even point your ISP to it. But I doubt that'll help. If your provider doesn't treat you fair as a consumer, just quit using its services if you have alternatives."