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Generic Post Script driver for Windows Vista x64?

Generic Post Script driver for Windows Vista x64?

I have an old HP parallel port printer that is not supported by Vista. No drivers I've found online work with it.

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"You might be able to get the drivers to install on Vista if you share it from another PC say, running XP (assuming you have another PC).

Also, what sort of printer is it? You may be able to use the HP LaserJet 4 Driver, which is about as generic as I've seen HP drivers get.

Failing that, use the Apple Postscript Driver as suggested by Diago."
Guest [Entry]

"This also works for Win7 (Windows 7), x64.

Install a driver for a printer that uses postscript. (It will usually have PS in the name. Almost any of these will work)

Use the print to file feature of the print driver, and specify the full path + extension when printing the file.

Art Richards"