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Get RSS feed from iTunes podcast links

Get RSS feed from iTunes podcast links

I'm using Gnome's Rhythmbox to listen to Podcasts. Some Podcasts don't provide an rss feed for downloading the episodes but only a itms:// link for iTunes.

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"You should first subscribe to the Podcast using iTunes, then open your iTunes library.

If you go to your Podcasts listing in your iTunes library, you will see a list of the Podcasts you subscribe to. Right-click on the Podcast you want to copy the URL of and select ""Copy Podcast URL"". This will copy the URL to the RSS feed of the Podcast into your clipboard. You can then paste that link into whatever other application you are using."
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"This works also: http://picklemonkey.net/feedflipper-home/
You can even see the original iTunes feed when you open the generated feed in your browser."
Guest [Entry]

"While searching for a way to do this, I found Find out the RSS feed for an iTunes podcast. The guy created a bookmarklet to reveal the true RSS podcast URL/content feed, when you are on an iTunes podcast page.


It should be noted that the bookmarklet redirects to cdn.rawgit.com/djm/uncover-itunes-rss-bookmarklet/master/bookmarklet.js. It looks innocuous enough but the script could be changed at any time, including by a malicious hacker, so be forewarned.

He did publish it on GitHub––djm/uncover-itunes-rss-bookmarklet: Javascript bookmarklet to reveal actual RSS URL on a iTunes podcast page.

It works. e.g., when on itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/burnt-toast/id969524107?mt=2, the bookmarklet gave me http://feeds.feedburner.com/food52burnttoast. This opened perfectly in my feed reader."