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Get side scroll area back on laptop trackpad

Get side scroll area back on laptop trackpad

A week ago I stupidly decided to download the Synaptics driver from their website and install it on my laptop, hoping it would give me more features. It didn't. Instead, it actually removed a lot of the 'features' and capabilities the trackpad had previously.

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"Synaptics has this functionality as default, given that you have the correct drivers. See if you can find the following setting

Control Panel > Mouse > Device
Settings >
Synaptics TouchPad V... > Settings

Inside these settings, you can chose to enable the virtual scroll settings:

Virtual Scrolling > Enable vertical
scrolling / Enable horizontal

To edit the are used for scrolling, edit this at:

Virtual Scrolling > Scrolling Region

If these options, aren't available, then try downloading the latest touchpad drivers (manufacturer specific) from the Toshiba website, otherwise try directly from the Synaptics site.

You could also explore the driver settings, to see if you can enable two-finger scrolling. I haven't seen this on my HP-based synaptics drivers though (seems I'm using driver version 6.xx, latest is 10.1.8).

Disclaimer on Synaptics website:

The Synaptics device driver is
customized to meet the specific
requirements of your device
manufacturer. To ensure that you get
the appropriate device driver for your
system, download your Synaptics device
driver from your system manufacturer's
support website"