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GMail IMAP + Apple Mail / iPhone - "Account exceeded bandwidth limits. (Failure)" [closed]

GMail IMAP + Apple Mail / iPhone - "Account exceeded bandwidth limits. (Failure)" [closed]

Started seeing this this morning in Apple Mail. I have one of those exclamation point error indicators next to "Inbox", with this error message when I click on it:

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Fixed in 10.6.2 http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3874
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"My guess right now is that it's these bandwidth limits in concert with a Mail bug.

Yesterday my Apple Mail client was ""locked out"" all day due to this issue. I was having no problems on the iPhone. So, I restarted Mail, and I started receiving messages again."
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"I had this problem after sending e-mail with large attachments. Mail.app created new mailbox called Recovered Messages and kept downloading the large e-mail over and over again. This lead to the ""Account exceeded bandwidth limits. (Failure)"". Lengthy description of similar symptoms.

I have solved the issue using steps described in Gmail support forum:

Take your GMail account offline from Mail
Delete the Recovered Messages folder

In my case the folder was no longer showing in Mail app, but it was still under ~/Library/Mail hiding its 10GB!

Go to ~/Library/Mail/IMAP-<username>@domain.tld@imap.domain.tld/.OfflineCache

Note: use your username and account configuration

Delete all data under .OfflineCache folder, do not delete the folder.
Close Mail application and reopen.

You would need to wait 24 hours until Google's ban on your IMAP access expires. You can still use web interface to check you mail."
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"This article has a comment that worked for me:


The comment is toward the bottom and it's by Nick. It was at 5:19PM on 1-26-2010. It worked wonderfully."