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Good App to Download Subtitles for Windows [closed]

Good App to Download Subtitles for Windows [closed]

What is a good program to download synced subtitles for my movies while allowing me to specify the language I want?

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Guest [Entry]

"Personally, I use a combination of Subtitle Search and Subtitle Workshop to easily find and process subtitles. With Subtitle Search, you input a title and it searches for the IMDB record of that movie to verify the correct movie. You can put in different settings (what providers you want to search, what language you want, so on and so forth).

It then searches several subtitle databases (including, but not limited to, OpenSubtitlesdotorg) using your settings and provides a comprehensive list of subtitle downloads if there are any.

Now, sometimes these subtitles will work flawlessly, and that's great. More often than not, however, the subtitles will be played too fast or too slow (in my experience, it seems like all the videos I have are playing 24 FPS, but all the subtitles are run in 25 FPS, making them too fast). Or, perhaps the video you have starts immediately into the action while the subtitles have a long pause for opening credits and such. This is what Subtitle Workshop is for.

You can easily change the FPS playback of the subtitles with two clicks, and ditto for shifting the start and end times. It's very intuitive and does all the hard calculations.

Note: both programs are freeware, but Windows-only as far as I can tell."
Guest [Entry]

I have been searching for a tool for automatic subtitles downloading for my favorite TV shows. A few days ago I found an excellent tool - http://github.com/KonishchevDmitry/pysd. For now it the best tool for me, so I recommend it to you.
Guest [Entry]

"Some of the marvelous features offered by Sub Downloader are:

Automatic subtitle download
Play movies directly from Sub Downloader
Download subtitles in your favorite languages
Independent search
Upload your own subtitles"
Guest [Entry]

"SPlayer is a good software which downloads subtitles automagically. It allows to choose between different subtitles tracks.

Apart from that, I don't see another solution than searching the web for subtitles... tvsubtitle.net for instance."