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Good basic windows XP laptop loadout?

Good basic windows XP laptop loadout?

At the moment I am setting up an old windows laptop to give to my mother (to replace an ancient desktop). It's been a few years since I seriously used windows, so I am not very knowledgeable about the current best practices. I have installed Avira anti-virus as it is what I use on Windows virtual machines, but suggestions for good free AV would also be welcome.

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Guest [Entry]

"Have you asked her what she actually wants to do with it?

Personally I'd be inclined to remove stuff more than add it.

I'd consider:

A modern browser, configured to block popups
Office tools if she wants them
Some games (solitaire etc) if she wants them
Anti-virus, as you've mentioned

I'd say the way to help a beginner get more out of the machine would be not to overwhelm them. Talking to your mother will probably get you more useful information than talking to us :)

Whether you want to go into ""here's an admin account to use when you have to, here's a non-admin account to use for the rest of the time"" will depend on whether you think she will be able to take it all in."