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Good sshd + unix environment for Windows needed [closed]

Good sshd + unix environment for Windows needed [closed]

My job is 95% Unix administration, but sometimes I manage Windows machines remotely. While I'm familiar enough with VNC and RDP solutions, there are times when I'd like something a little more lightweight for bandwidth reasons, as well as having a more familiar scripting environment and tool set.

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Guest [Entry]

"For the most Unix-like console experience, I'd definitely use OpenSSH with Cygwin. This way, all of your Windows commands are available, as well as your Unix commands.

Installing OpenSSH with Cygwin is a breeze. Simply check off the OpenSSH box under the Net section when choosing packages:

After setup, run ssh-host-config in Cygwin. It will ask you various questions:

privilege separation - answer yes
create a local sshd user - answer yes
install sshd as a service - answer yes
Your cygwin tty (CYGWIN=) - answer ntsec tty

Now open c:\cygwin\etc\defaults\etc\sshd_config.

Change #Protocol 2,1 to Protocol 2 for security reasons.

Now you can start the sshd service. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and start Cygwin sshd:

you'll want to set the service to start automatically so it persists across reboots.

If you're using the Windows firewall, add an exception on port 22:

For a console, I'd highly recommend PuTTY to connect remotely."