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Google Biz app alternatives [closed]

Google Biz app alternatives [closed]

At work we currently use google biz apps. Which as the only IT guy I love and has been pretty much trouble free during my time at this company.

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"As for the first point - you could probably set up custom DNS records that point to Google Mail, so you could access it via mail.your_domain.com and it wouldn't be blocked. I have no idea for point 2, but I would assume that Google have some sort of monitoring tools that administrators could use - seems rather bad if they don't.

Anyway, What to do really depends on your budget, users and requirements.

If you just want to use Windows, I recommend Hmailserver for a small environment - and it works on pretty much any desktop Windows operating system. If this is a large environment, you may want to look at using Microsoft Exchange. It is overkill (and expensive) for small environments, but once installed and configured - it ""just works"", and works very well.

Alternatively, for the Linux route, there are many options. I would recommend either going for an easy to use distribution such as SMEserver, or try your own by downloading your favourite distribution then a mail server. Personally, I am a fan of using Ubuntu with Webmin so I can manage everything from an easy to use interface.

Hope this helps!"
Guest [Entry]

"If they can still access google, have them sign in with their google account number and then go to mail.google.com - the traffic is routed through SSL to google.com.

Also, you may want to just shoot Google an email and see if they do have a hardware solution - I know they do have hardware solutions for some things (like search)."